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Hope F22 Flat Pedaal
Model: F22 Flat Pedal
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Hope F22 Flat Pedaal

De F22 Flat pedalen van Hope zijn gemaakt uit één stuk 2014 aluminium en verkrijgbaar in de 7 bekende HOPE kleuren
Het oppervlak geeft de berijder een optimale grip.


De bijgeleverde 6mm rvs pinnen geven extra grip.
De Hope F22 pedalen beschikken over een 14mm CrMo stalen as en drie goed afgedichte industrielagers met IGUS Bush.
De goed gesealde lagers zorgen voor een lange levensduur.

  • Redesigned Platform Shape 
  • Platform size has increased compared to the F20 pedal (105 x 102mm usable) 
  • Careful consideration has been given to getting the right balance between foot stability and clearance in narrow gaps and ruts 
  • Asymmetric shape designed to give full support to the shoe sole, extending to areas the F20 platform didn’t 
  • All New Pin Design 
  • Reverse loading design prevents pins coming loose and means you have a much better chance of removing them when you want to 
  • Unique hex shape for extra bite 
  • Height adjustable using supplied spacers 
  • Max pin height of 6mm 
  • Concave Profile 
  • Dual concave profile helps hold the shoe on the platform and give a superior planted feeling 
  • Concavity enhanced by using shorter pins towards the middle of the platform and having no pin locations in the centre of the platform  

Pedal Internals 

  • Proven internal layout of F20 pedal remains for smooth long-term durability 
  • Three cartridge bearings and an IGUS bush 
  • Internal and external sealing prevents any ingress of dirt and debris 
  • Fully serviceable and re-buildable 
  • Revised axle design for improved strength and impact resistance

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