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Hope Tech Disk
Remschijf van HopeStandard rotors:Standard rotors are laser cut from a sheet of custom steel for fan..
€ 36,95
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Hope Floating Disk
FLOATING ROTORS Floating rotors are now a firm favourite amongst both performance orientated ri..
€ 62,00 € 55,00
Availability 3
Hope Race X2 Floating Disk 160mm
Hope RACE X2 Floating Disk 160mm 6 gaatsFLOATING ROTORS These Floating rotors are now a firm fa..
€ 52,95
Availability In voorraad
Hope Tech Geventileerde Schijf 203mm
Hope Tech Geventileerde SchijvenThe vented rotor is available only for the Tech V4 brake. It is..
€ 139,00
Availability 1
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