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Hope Tech Geventileerde Schijf 203mm
Model: Geventileerde Schijf 203mm
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Hope Tech Geventileerde Schijven

The vented rotor is available only for the Tech V4 brake. 

It is not retro fitable to the other brakes in the range or aftermarket to other brands. 

It is wider than a standard fixed or floating rotor.

This rotor takes braking performance to a new level. 

Using the same proven floating design as our other rotors and advanced manufacturing techniques, 

the internal fins allow the air to flow between the two friction parts. 

The induced air flow significantly reduces and delays the heat build up in the rotor. 

Dyno tests show a difference in temperature of 15% between a standard floating rotor and a ventilated floating rotor.

The rotor also gives a better and more consistent braking performance in wet condition 

thanks to its capability to clear the water layer through the fins.

If you want to abuse your brake in endless descents this rotor is for you.

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