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Casco SpeedAiro 2 RS incl Vautron Vizier
Model: Casco SpeedAiro 2 RS incl Vautron Vizier
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Casco SpeedAiro 2 RS

The best of everything!

The SPEEDairo 2 RS, the further development of the successful model, is once again a quantum leap more airy than its predecessor and offers the optimal synthesis of cooling, comfort & aerodynamics.
It provides flexibility for the wearer: depending on the individual prioritization,
the cooling in the helmet is maximized by the design without visor or the SPEEDairo 2 RS impresses as a flow-optimized and draught-free version with its shatter-proof photochromic visor.
Whether with or without visor – the SPEEDairo 2 is in any case uniquely design-strong and functional.
Full equipment can also be found in the interior.
Incomparable comfort thanks to the CASCOfit net, which simultaneously rinses the entire head with cooling wind.
The SPEEDairo 2 makes the rider think of nothing else but his/ her performance.

  • Unmistakable design
  • Unique, sporty, confident
  • Robust and classy: the new structural surface not only looks insanely good, but also protects against traces of use (applied to the colours white and black)
  • Reflective interchangeable strips reliably deliver a good 360 degree visibility of the rider (many colors avaiblle under accessories)
  • Optimal synthesis of cooling & aerodynamics
  • Maximum cooling without visor
  • Maximum aerodynamics with visor
  • Adaptive aerodynamics concept: excellent wind slipability even when not optimal body and head position
  • Vautron visor (photochromatic)
  • Fast automatic adaptation to changing lighting conditions
  • Extremely shatterproof
  • Suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • Very efficient eye protection against draughts, sun and insects
  • Impressive panoramic view, without restrictions due to eyeglass frames and lateral distortions
  • Comfort without pressing eyeglasses
  • Comfort, Climate, Safety
  • CASCOfit net, put on - feel good (incomparable comfort)
  • Flushing the entire head with cooling wind
  • The SPEEDairo 2 offers significantly more air flow (compared to Speedairo 1)
  • CASCOloc: Quick one-handed opening, easy adjustment and adjustment
  • Lightweight, Stable, Aesthetic - the integrated aluminium mesh insect repellent
  • Extended protection in the back of the head for more safety
  • Other visor colours in the accessory range

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