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Magped Magnetische Platform pedalen
Model: Sport
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Magped Magnetische Platform pedalen

The Enduro 150 magnetic safety pedals from magped are a good alternative for all clipless pedal sceptics who don't want to do without a rounded step. A patented magnetic mechanism allows the foot to be safely, quickly and easily released from the pedals at any time, which significantly reduces the risk of falling compared to pedals with fixed connections. The magnet provides an ideal hold during movement, with up to 15 kg traction force. The drag force is due to a spring-mounted bearing, which means the shoe can be released sideways without much resistance. While riding, the pedals allow the shoe to turn slightly and adjust back and forth without losing traction. This allows you to shift the position of your shoe based on the trail you're riding on.

Gebruik: Cross-country, Enduro, Downhill
Type: magnetische pedalen
Pedal System: Magped
Schoenplaat Type: 2-bout (SPD schoen)

Technical Information:
Body Materiaal: aluminium
As Material: steel (CrMo)
Lagers: sleeve
Speling: +/- 2°
Sterkte: 100 N / 150 N en 200N
Aantal pinnen: 16
Aanbevolen schoenplaatje: Magped shoe cleat set


  • Soepeler Cadans
  • CNC gefreesd aluminium
  • Pinnen vervangbaar
  • Neodymium high-performance magnets are height-adjustable thanks to integrated polymer spring
  • Magnetic strength 150 N with 15 kg tractive force, recommended for riders from 65 - 90 kg

Smoother Cadence
The magped pedal provides a smoother cadence by distributing equal stress between muscle extensors (70%) as well as muscle flexors (30%), meaning longer bike tours can become more pleasurable.

Traction Force
The shoe holds onto the pedal thanks to the use of carefully-placed magnets. The traction force is mainly vertical and a lateral release from the pedal is possible with almost no noticeable resistance. However, shoes can quick and easy detach in critical situations in an upward direction.

The stainless steel shoe plate can be mounted on any SPD-compatible bicycle shoe in minutes using only 2 screws. Unlike other systems, dirt is not an issue and the risk of tripping is reduced, which vastly improves walking.

The pedal allows for a slight rotation of the shoe, which further protects joints while pedalling. Likewise, the position can be shifted forwards and backwards without changing the traction force, making it easy to find the ideal position for both ascents and descents.

The magped pedal is equipped with 3 high-quality sealed cartridge bearings. The pins of the pedal can be changed out when needed, and the height of the neodymium high-performance magnet is adjustable via a special integrated polymer spring.

Manufacturer Number: enduro 150


  • 1 paar  magped Enduro 150 pedals (left & right)
  • 4 x magped 150 N magneet
  • 2 x magped metal schoenplaatjes
  • 2 x magped composite bases
  • 4 x magped schoenbout, 10 mm
  • 4 x magped schoenbout, 12 mm
  • incl. tool

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