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Prologo DIMENSION T4.0 143mm
Model: Prologo DIMENSION T4.0 143mm
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Prologo DIMENSION T4.0 143mm 

The name DIMENSION contains the importance of the project itself:

creating an innovative product in terms of design, size, comfort and performance.

Comfort, Performance, Lightness and Prevention of perineal area problems are its strengths.

The saddle has a short nose (3/3,5 cm shorter than a traditional ones) to eliminate any sort of contact and pressure in the front area, especially in the maximum pushing phase (on the drops).
Design and size are completely new and revolutionary (short and wider than a traditional saddle): 245x143mm, only 149gram in Nack version.

DIMENSION, an Ergonomic, Lightweight and Anti-Prostate for high-end customers seeking their best.
The increased 143mm width, helps to distribute the weight of the athletes on a larger surface, ensuring greater comfort for a long time.
The wide anatomical channel “PAS” runs through the saddle along its central axis, reduce the contact and compression of soft tissues and tendons, eliminating numbness and helping to prevents prostate problems

Serie: Dimension
Versie: PAS
Breedte: 143mm
Rail/Brug: T4.0
Kleur: Hard Black

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